What is available under reports "Reports"

Reports are a good tool to gain an overview of your form submissions.

In the left menu/column in Digger you have something called “Reports.” Reports are a perfect tool to use for advanced reporting. It gives you a good insight and overview of your page views and form submissions.  For your advanced report you can chose between page views or form submissions.

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If you want to dig deeper into your form submissions, you can choose to do this by sorting them into groups. Digger has already made some default groups for you; these are showcased in the list below. The default groups mean that some groups are pre-saved for you, but you could of course ad your own groups or delete the pre-existing one’s.  

Defaults are the following: 

  • Tracking Code 
  • Tracking Source 
  • Session ID 
  • Referrer 
  • Path 
  • OS 
  • OS Version 
  • Browser 
  • Browser Version 
  • Device 
  • Date 
  • Day 
  • Time  
  • Month